Ben Bruce speaks on Dino Melaye faking being sick

Senator representing Bayelsa East district, Ben Bruce, has urged the police to invite a third party to ascertain the true state of Senator Dino Melaye’s health instead of assuming that the senator was faking being sick.

According to Bruce, the police were being a judge in their own cause by simply alleging that the Kogi West senator was faking his ailment, instead of calling an objective third party to examine the suspect.

Melaye was arrested last Friday after he willingly surrendered to police after an 8-day siege on his residence in Abuja.
The Senator reportedly collapsed on the floor upon unlocking the door of his house to meet police.

Police had taken the lawmaker to a police clinic and informed Nigerians via tweet on their Twitter handle, that Melaye, was stable and that nothing was wrong with his health.

Ben Bruce, however, reacted by tweeting that the police should do an objective examination on Melaye’s health rather than assume he was faking it.

He wrote: “Rather than the police being the judge and jury in their own case with Dino Melaye, why don’t we get an objective third party medical examiner to examine Dino to determine whether he is really ill or faking as the Police allege?”


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