Breaking: “It is not easy to stop Biafra agitation”- says Goodluck Jonathan

The former president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebere Jonathan said, the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), are committed secessionist set of group which can not be force out for not agitating. for a Republic of Biafra.

He said, Biafra agitation had come to stay, until their demand are granted.

Meanwhile, He speak intensively on the boycotting of 2019 election introduced by Nnamdi Kanu that all faithful Biafrans should sit-at-home come February 16.

Jonathan plead and call on IPOB leader, should make a u-turn and allow the IPOB members should participate in the forthcoming election in Nigeria.

He said, come Saturday February 16, 2019, All Nigerians should come out in mass and vote for the right candidates of their choice. Ensuring that the election in Nigeria will be peaceful, no matter what other countries leaders are saying about the 2019 elections in Nigeria.


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