Buhari’s Loyalist Attacks Gov Ortom In Benue

Buhari’s loyalist in state, described comments by Gov. Samuel Ortom of Benue on his former aide, Terwase Akwaza alias Gana, as hypocritical.

Ortom has accused Gana of causing mayhem and destabilising communities in Benue.

The group made its position known in a statement signed by its Chairman, Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary, Casiddy Madueke, on Sunday in Abuja.

The group noted that Terwase had been declared wanted by security agencies for his role in the herdsmen and farmers clashes and other crimes in Benue and other parts of North-Central states.

Alhaji Teshaku who has been arrested for the massacre of priests and worshipers in a church, and Terwase Agwadza

“It looks like a joke when Governor Samuel Ortom appears on television to accuse his former aide, who he once supplied with vehicles and security officials, of being the cause of mayhem in his State.

“When well-meaning Nigerians were asking him to turn over Gana to the security agencies he did not do that;

“it is common knowledge that the same Samuel Ortom provided the fugitive with security cover, and rather used media stunts to blame the entire killings in the state on herdsmen clashes with farmers.

“So what has changed now? He has won his re-election and is tired of playing politics with serious security challenges? Or his relationship with Gana has gone sour?” the group asked.

The group called on politicians not to politicise evil because it worked in their favour, but rather expose evil and stand for truth and justice.

“Now look at Gov. Ortom, finally acknowledging to the world that the monster he once bred is the one terrorising his state.

“If he had done the needful when he had the chance to turn Gana over to the police, this would not be the case right now,’’ the statement said. (NAN)


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