Edo APC Youths Blocked Major Road Link To Airport

The Edo youths of the All Progressive Congress, APC, have blocked the major road that link to the airport, as a result of the lingering crisis, fictionalization and imposition of leadership on the people in the state.

The anger Edo youths sets burn-fire, thereby causing serious traffic logjam and panic in the state capital, while motorists sought alternative routes out of the area.

Edo police officers, persuaded those who blocked the main gate of Benin Airport to allow for free flow of traffic.

The Edo Commissioner of police said,

“I am here because of you people. I heard there is a protest here. That is why the Commissioner of Police sent me to find out what the problem is. I am the Area Commander in-Charge of this area. Blocking of the high way is a criminal offense, we appeal to you to open the highway for people to pass. We have instructed the police not to arrest anyone.”

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