How Buhari plan to Islamize Nigeria- Nnamdi Kanu Revealed

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) said that Nigerians and Africans doubted the warning he gave about the plan of the Fulanis to Islamize Nigeria and the whole of West Africa.
This he said during a town hall meeting in Chicago, United States of America, on June 28, 2019.
The IPOB leader said: “Now they’re saying that Obasanjo is talking about Fulanization, meanwhile this is something I said in 2014″.
“When I told you the Fulani’s will come, nobody believed me. They said I’m a black man. I said, they will come into our villages, they will take it from us and nothing any of you can do about it. Is it not happening today?”
According to Nnamdi Kanu, the Fulani jihadists planned to take over all of West Africa 200 years ago.
“2019 will mark 200 years plan of Fulani taking over the whole of West Africa.
They planned it for years,” he said.
Speaking more deeply, Kanu criticized the southeastern governors, Ohanaeze and others who fought against him when he formed an unarmed vigilante group known as the BSS.
“Some Igbo men of these days have no shame, no dignity, and no honor. We do what we do in IPOB because instead of us to live under Fulani, death is a far more honorable part to undertake.”
“When I formed BSS, they said I was asking for war. The same people that castigated me and said I’m looking for war are the same people today talking about war.”
“Everybody of importance in Nigeria is a Fulani man. They control the oil sector, they control the security apparatus and we won’t be complaining if they are controlling it and doing anything meaningful with it. But they are controlling all these resources and all these offices to subjugate and enslave us in our own land.”
“Only 20,000 Europeans conquered the whole of Africa. That is why they have no regard for us. If you continue The way you are behaving towards IPOB and towards Biafra restoration, the same message our ancestors sent to the Europeans to say you can come and take as many of us as possible nobody will care. It is the same message in 2019 you are sending to Fulani people that they can come and kill us and get away with it.”
Kanu also revealed how his plan to meet elders in Ogoni, was uncovered by the Nigerian government. He said: “I was supposed to meet the Ogoni chiefs and the zoo got a hint of it and stopped me on my way”.
“If the Ogonis do not learn anything from Ken Saro Wiwa, then they’ll not learn anything”.
Speaking about the reasons why the countries that supposedly support the struggle for Biafra have not made themselves publicly known, Kanu said: “Nigeria is a sovereign nation, so Don’t expect nations to support BIAFRA publicly”.
ECO CITY REPORTERS gathered that the leader of IPOB will travel more countries for his sensitization and diplomatic movement for Biafra.
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