How to be a good wife and 6 qualities that will make you a good wife

How to be a good wife and 6 qualities that will make you a good wife.   Being a good wife is not just all about love you share with your husband, there is more than that. a good wife must have her husband and children at heart, because it take a lot of handwork to keep husband, children and home together. The role of a good wife is an active one, she must have what it takes to keep the home in a good shape. She should been on top of the situation and be ready to tweak tactics as often as it becomes necessary. A good wife should be flexible, industrious, creative and respectful to her husband.

How to be a good wife and 6 qualities that will make you a good wife

These are the qualities that a good wife possessed:

1. A good wife must be knowledgeable: Husbands are the head, and wife should be knowledgeable in running the affair of the home. Most importantly, a good wife need a lot to put in place in managing the affair of the family. Be knowledgeable as a good wife, must have knowledge or intelligence in handling her home, be constructive when demanding from her husband. By showing respect to her lovingly husband.

Once you do what is right, your husband will be much more respectful to support in anyway when necessary.

2. A good wife must be a builder: A good woman is expected to put all what she learnt from God and her husband in building the home to be a peaceful home for both members of the family, and not a war zone when husband is fear to stay at home or take care of his kids.

3. A good wife must be productive: A good wife must be productive in other to support her husband with the day-to- day running of the home. She should be flexible, creative and be supportive at home without putting everything’s on her husband’s shoulder alone.

4. A good wife must be submissive: A good wife must understand the important of sex in her marriage. She should be ready to be submissive to her husband at all time except on health ground.

5. A good wife must be economical: A good wife must learnt on how to manage the little resource or income give to her by her husband without obstruction. It is necessary, She has a broaden knowledge of her husband’s financial strength and know how to manage it economically with him.

6. A good wife must be prayerful: Communicating with God is very resourceful and important to mankind. It is an obligation for a good wife to always engage her husband and children in prayer. With that all good wife must see this, as a duty to engaged family into this early activity.




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