How to hack “Gidimo Apps” to get unlimited data[New Version 2019]

How many of you have gotten your free 150mb or more than 700mb from the Gidimo app, if you are yet to get, search this thread I share I guide on how to do so, today I bring yet another tweak with this tweak you can hack dent app for unlimited data. that’s to say that you can get up to 3gb or more from the Gidimo app, in fact, the limit is dependent on your strength to apply the bypass/gidimo hack trick

How to hack Gidimo app

First, download the apps below

Download Text app.
Download Gidimo App.
Download Melon App.

Steps on how to hack Gidimo App to get unlimited data

Read the instructions below thoroughly and adhere to every bit of it, on the off chance that you followed this instruction promptly unlimited data is the pay.

  • Download the Gidimo app, download from here , download it from the link below so as not to get unsupported issues.
  • Clear the app’s data and Launch the app
  • Click on New User, provide your details, pay attention to this, on the country drop box select united states, input your email address, don’t use a phone number, you can fortify any emails address, it doesn’t matter if the email address is active or not
  • Now Create a password, the password should be simple, also write it down you will need it later
  • Now click on Sign up and allow the registration to go through.
  •  You will be prompted to verify your number to receive your free 150mb, cool, here is what you need to do
  • Download the Text plus app, download from here, the app that gives you free the United States Number
  • Download The Melon VPN Download from here, you need it to change your location to USA, Germany or any Foreign Country
  • Install this app,Launch Melon VPN and set your server to united states or Germany
  • Now Launch the textplus app, Follow this instruction to get USA number
  •  After getting the USA number, return back to the Gidimo app, click on the verify Number to get free 150mb, select United States as your country(+1), then go the the textplus app, Copy your USA number remove the 1 from the number and paste it on the Gidimo app for verification, an SMS with the verification code will be sent to you textplus app, open the message, get the code and input it on the gidimo app,, voila!! Your number is verified
  • Now wait for few minutes on the Gidimo app, a pop up will ask you to input the mobile number which you want to receive the free Data on, simply input your mtn number, the free Data will be forwarded to your line
  • Repeat this procedure ie Clear the Gidimo app data, turn your Melon VPN on, Get a new number on the Textplus app, register with new details on the Gidimo app, to get unlimited data courtesy the Gidimo apps, thus hacking the Gidimo app for unlimited data.



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