Indonesian Youths uses Sanitary pad in place of Tramadol and Codeine

The new strategies adopted by the Indonesian youths to get high, since the ban of codeine, Tramadol and other high drugs in the country.

The Indonesian National Drug Agency. INDA, said the chemical found in the sanitary pad give those who drink the concoction and get a very high feeling and hallucinations.

Young people are now boiling the nappies, including the dirty one- in the same vein to get high.

“The use pads they took from the thrash were put in boiling water. After it cooled down, they drank it together.” said Senior commander superintend, head of the BNN in the central java.

This fact was discovered when a 14-years-old boy from Belitung Island, east of sumatra, who admitted to get high, when he drink the boiled sanitary pad;

He described it as a concoction, And it is very high than codeine and Tramadol.


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