Moyo Lawal Sets To Join P*rn Industry, If…

Nigerian actress and entertainer, Moyo  Lawal has been advised to join the p*rn industry.

It was gathered that the actress has been over some months been criticized by a number of her followers because of her seductive pictures.

However reacting to the troll,  Moyo said all the comments only feel like compliments to her.

The Nollywood actress wrote:

“Quite a number of people try to insult me by telling me to go into p*rn , they don’t seem to realize how much of a compliment that is …… (do you even know how much people spend on plastic surgery, makeup and clothes to look hot) ….. …… Then you are telling this short, fat lady to go into P*rn ….. ……. p.s …. I am flattered, THANK YOU. “

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