Nine Qualities To Look Out For In A Spouse

Considering the fact that marriage is for life, one is expected to make a choice of a spouse very carefully and prayerfully. Certain criteria that should be put into consideration are that the person should:

Be born again

Have a good character exhibiting the fruit of the spirit.


Have a good biblical knowledge of marriage.

Be sure in your heart it is God’s will.

Loving, caring, and kind.

Should not be ill-tempered.

Have a steady means of income.

Have a purpose driven life.

Having known the qualities to look out for in a life partner, also bear in mind the following very important factors in making a choice

Marriage is not for baby Christians who will joke with it.

You must be careful not to allow your choice to determined by counselors, friends, family or society.

Parental consent is important. It will be a test to confirm the will of God.

Life partner means a partner for life. Only death can separate you. Divorce is never God’s option.

God has the best choice for you because he sees the future.

Now that you know how God speaks to you, it becomes easier to understand whom he is leading you to.

As you finally reach the partner of your choice, you have a confirmation of peace and inner satisfaction in your heart from God.

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