We are fully behind Iran, If US strike- Kim

Kim Jung Un, the Supreme pioneer of North Korea has reproached the demise of Qassem Soleimani Iranian general.

It was represented that the US airstrike executed Iran’s Soleimani the top Iranian military manager.

Kim has guarantee to clasp hands with Iran to finish the United States as a result of their assumption in the area.

“We stay by Iran against American assumption in the region.”

“The United States submitted three mind blowing slips up, and they will pay for all of the three blunder.”

“The essential slip up was they harmed the Iraqis Sovereignty and space, decency, and by virtue of that they will got a response from the Iraqis.”

“They dropped their understanding which the United States had quite recently manhandled by not instructing the locale.”

“They had the sentiment of a colossal number of people from India to Russia additionally Iran, Iraq.”

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