What is required to get your own TIN document ready

How to get TIN Numbers for busineess. I would be sharing how you can get TIN number either as a student or for someone currently seeking employment.

1. Make sure you have a valid means of identification that shows you are a Nigerian. The acceptable means of identification include;

i. international passport

ii. National Identity card

iii. Student identity card

iii. National Driver’s License.

2. Prepare the following before going to FIRS office;

i. Full legal name;

ii. Certified copy of your birth certificate;

iii. Current residential address;

iv. E-mail address;

v. Mobile phone number;

vi. Passport-sized photo

3. Go to your local (or preferred) FIRS office and ask for all the necessary forms used in the application process.

4. Ensure that you fill in all the blanks and checkboxes that are provided in the form. Don’t skip any one.

5. Resubmit the form. At this point, you will be asked for your means of identification.

6. Your biometrical data which consists of your passport and fingerprints will be taken.

This process can take between 5 days to 2 months. Once you have submitted all that’s necessary, don’t panic as you will get your TIN soon.

There is no money to be paid for being a student and the process is very easy. Don’t allow anyone use you to make cheap money this period.

For inquiries and clarification send an email to [email protected] or call 08115902227 08115902218

Please share this article to student out there so they don’t feel left out!!

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